Top 10 Best Tyre Inflators

Tyre inflators are often overlooked, but they can turn out to be real lifesavers in dire situations. If you happen to find yourself stranded by the side of the road with a flat and can’t wait for roadside services, a portable air compressor can inflate that tyre within minutes and get you to the nearest tyre shop or petrol station.

There are hundreds different tyre inflators available on the market today though, and choosing the right one can be tricky to say the least. Before we give you a few suggestions, here’s what you need to look out for in a good air compressor.

An air compressor should be reasonably compact and easy to move around. It shouldn’t take up half your boot or weigh a ton. You’ll want an inflator that can easily reach all four tyres with minimal effort. Remember that you’ll most likely be carrying it around with you at all times, so if you can find one that can be easily stored in the area underneath the boot beside the spare tyre, all the better.

Manual air compressors work just fine, but having an automated one is that much more convenient nowadays. Simply set the desired PSI, attach it to the tyre, and wait until the desired pressure has been achieved. It’s no more complicated than turning the key to start the engine.

Inflation time
Although this isn’t a deal breaker, some air compressors are noticeably faster than others. And, if you can find one which won’t take ages to fill the tyres up with air, why not go for that one? As they say, time is money, so why waste it. Check air compressor ratings to find out how quickly they fill up small, medium and large car tyres.

Tyre Size
A lot of air compressors work with tyres of all sizes, but a few can only manage small and medium tyres. If you have a truck or a van, maybe opt for a bigger, more capable compressor so it doesn’t run out of puff before the tyre’s fully inflated.

Duty Cycle
This indicates how long it will take for the compressor to cool down once it’s finished doing its job. A lot of tyre inflators heat up quickly and need to cool down before you can use them again. Reading duty cycles can be tricky, but generally you want to look for ones with a duty cycle of 50% since that means it can run continuously without needing to be switched off to cool down

Ring RAC610 Analogue Tyre Inflator

FIRM FAVOURITE WITH REVIEWERS. Over 1000 positive Amazon reviews for this easy-to-use inflator.
FAST INFLATION. The RAC610 can inflate a 13" tyre to 35PSI in UNDER 4.5 MINUTES. It also comes with valve adaptors for use on bicycle tyres and balls.
EASY TO USE. Just one button - no complicated settings. Simply switch on to start inflation, and off when inflation is complete. It's that simple.
POWERED FROM YOUR VEHICLE. Plugs straight into your 12V DC socket (cigarette lighter), for easy tyre maintenance whether you're outside your home or travelling. It's small and stores neatly, with cable and hose clipping onto the unit.
SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Watch the video to see the RAC610 in action, and scroll down for more information on this popular inflator. 1000+ reviewers can't be wrong!
AA Tyre Inflator, Compact and Lightweight for Travel

Compact, lightweight and portable design, ideal for travel
Flexible air hose and 3 metre power cord
12V socket adaptor
PSI, BAR and KPA displayed (max. pressure 80 PSI)
Internal LED light
Ring RAC600 Digital Tyre Inflator, 12V Air Compressor Tyre Pump, 3.5 Min Tyre Inflation, LED Light, Valve Adaptors

CUSTOMER FAVOURITE. RAC600 is a proven performer, with over 2000 5* reviews
FAST INFLATION - BEATS COMPETITION. Faster than other models - the RAC600 can inflate a 13" tyre to 35PSI in UNDER 3.5 MINUTES.
EASY TO USE. Guarantee accuracy with the autostop feature. Preset the pressure you need for your tyre, press start, and the inflator will automatically stop at the correct pressure.
EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Comes with storage case, LED light (with three settings - bright white for illumination, flashing white for attention and flashing red for SOS) and valve adaptors for inflator bike tyres and balls.
SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Watch the video to see the RAC600 in action, and scroll down for more information on this popular inflator. 2500+ reviewers can't be wrong!
Tyre Inflator, QZT Portable Air Compressor with LED Lamp

Backlit Digital Gauge: Exactly display number to avoid guesswork from analog dial, backlit screen show clearly and accurate pressure even in darkness.
Efficiency: 27L/min strong air flow for fast recover your safe tyres. High-speed cooling bring safer, design for frequent inflate. Inflates your tyres with zero effort.
Easy to Use: Preset the pressure you need, and it will automatically shut off once the desired pressure is reached.
Compact size increase portability, works in DC 12V applicable to most vehicle models.!!! WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS DEVICE TO INFLATE THE CAR TYRE OVER 20 INCHES !!! OTHERWISE WILL REDUCE THE AIR COMPRESSOR SERVICE LIFE
Universal: Multiple adapters for car tires, sport balls and air mattress. Strong lighting can be a emergency torch in dark.
P.I. Auto Store - Premium digital Tyre Inflator

PREMIUM QUALITY - Setting this inflator aside from its competitors is the quality of the pump and the brilliant LCD display. The pump is faster, quieter and more reliable than others in its class. The LCD is large and more accurate at achieving pressures in the normal range due to the pressure sensor
SIMPLE TO USE - This inflator has all the essential features and some extras that you will need to keep your tyres maintained at the right pressure. It pumps a mid-sized car tire from flat to 30 Psi in under 5 minutes. Max inflation pressure 100 Psi (6.9 Bar). Plug in to 12 V outlet, connect to your tyre valve , set your desired pressure on the LCD display gauge , turn on and the pump will automatically stop at the pre-set pressure +/- 1Psi. Quick and easy, anyone can do it.
COMPACT AND RELIABLE - Quality is our number one priority and has been the focus at every stage in the development and manufacture of this inflator. This provides a heavy duty highly reliable unit with a long service life. The unit is small and compact and can be easily stored in your boot, so that its always there in an emergency
VERSATILE - Use for Car, Bicycle , Motorcycle , RV , SUV , ATV (Trucks not supported) . Also, Sports Equipment and inflatables. Massive reach of over 13 feet will access all tires on your vehicle from the 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter plug or any 12V outlet. Connect to mains AC supply with our AC/DC 240V Converter (sold separately).
INCLUDED - Tyre Inflator, Storage Case, User Manual & Carry Case. Accessories - Sports and inflatables adaptor, 8 Spare Dust Caps. UK BASED COMPANY will ensure you are satisfied with our product and offer our 100%
Ring RAC630 12V Digital Tyre Inflator

FAST TYRE MAINTENANCE: inflates a 13" tyre to 35psi in under 3 minutes. Fast, efficient tyre maintenance that saves you time.
AUTO EXPRESS FAVOURITE: winner of the Auto Express mini test in, they gave the RAC630 five stars and call it "the best all-rounder".
Red light for SOS and white light for night time illumination, helping you to inflate your tyre on the roadside in the darkACCURATE INFLATION: auto stop feature means you can accurately inflate your tyres to the correct pressure. Just set the desired pressure, press start and the inflator will automatically stop at the preset pressure.
SAFER NIGHT TIME USE: includes LED light with two settings to see and be seen. White light makes inflation at night easier, while flashing red SOS light attracts attention in an emergency or breakdown.
TIDY STORAGE: airline and cable are neatly stored on the device, and it comes with a case to keep it neatly in the boot.
Ring RAC640 12V Digital Tyre Inflator, Air Compressor with Inflator/Deflator and Auto Stop, Tyre Pump with LED Light, 5 Piece Adaptor Kit and Storage Case - Black

VERSATILE INFLATOR: comes with 5 pieces adaptor kit, making it ideal for tyre maintenance as well as using with air beds, paddling pools, bicycle tyres and more. Ideal for car maintenance and camping: comes with LED light as well as airbed setting - this is an ideal compressor to use for both car maintenance and camping.
INFLATOR/DEFLATOR: Inflates a tyre in under 3 minutes, saving you time, and has deflation setting as well.
ACCURATE INFLATION: auto stop preset function ensures accuracy when inflating. Simply set the pressure you need, press start, and the RAC640 automatically stops at the correct pressure.
TIDY STORAGE: comes with case for the air compressor and adaptor kit, so you can keep it stored neatly in the garage or the car.
SEE IT IN ACTION: watch the video to see the RAC640 in action - easy and reliable tyre maintenance.
RX-i Digital Car Tyre Inflator Pump

ALWAYS HAVE THE CONVENIENCE of an air supply when you need it with this high quality powerful automobile air pump delivering 30 litres of air per minute, it will inflate an average car tyre in less than 6 minutes and comes with a free 3.5m hose extension.
FEATURES 3 x ADDITIONAL POWER OUTLETS in the form of a 12V DC and two USB charging sockets. Plus 4 free nozzle adapters (including a Presta Valve adapter for bicycles), as well as being great for all kinds of ATV, RV, SUV, car, 4x4, motorbike and caravan tyres it is also superb for inflating sports and camping equipment as well as charging mobile devices.
NOISE ELIMINATING TECHNOLOGY reducing unwanted noise and vibration with rubber feet to make sure the air pump stays where it is placed, either upright or lying down and does not move around during operation. Whilst a bright LED safety light allows easy operation in the dark.
SIMPLE TO OPERATE thanks to an automatic shut off facility when a pre-set pressure in PSI, BAR,KPA or KG/cm has been reached. A quick connect air hose with a screw on tire valve adapter makes tire inflation a breeze.
SUPERIOR QUALITY ASSURED - The perfect gift for men or women, makes a great present for dad. Buy with confidence today, includes our best auto device 12 month no-quibble warranty.
Ring RAC900 Heavy Duty Tyre Inflator

PROFESSIONAL-GRADE TYRE INFLATOR: used by the UK's leading breakdown professionals. The RAC900 features anti-vibration rubber mounted feet for stable placement when inflating a tyre, thermal overload protection, waterproof on/off switch so it can be used in all weather conditions and inline fuse to protect vehicle electronics.
POWERFUL INFLATION: inflates a 13" tyre from flat to 35psi in 90 seconds. Powered directly from a 12V battery to give the fastest possible inflation.
IDEAL FOR LARGER VEHICLES: this powerful air compressor is ideal for inflating high pressure tyres. It also comes with 7m extendable airline, which can stretch the full length of a motorhome or transit van.
HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: the air compressor has metal body, brass connector and hard-wearing storage bag so it can withstand heavy duty use.
2 YEAR GUARANTEE: comes with free two year guarantee.
Airman 12V Compact Air Compressor

OEM Quality - High Power 12v Air Compressor
Suitable for Motorcyles, Cars, Vans, Bikes, Balls, Inflatables etc.
Compact and Lightweight - Fits in glove box, door pockets, under seats and boot compartments
Complete with canvas carry bag to tidy storage
Unique Duel Plug - Fits standard car cigarette 12v Socket and DIN socket when sheath is retracted