Time to open new doors.

In celebration of Saudi Arabia lifting its driving ban on women, Audi launched a new spot welcoming the women of Saudi Arabia to the driver’s seat. Audi is eager to welcome the new customers and their preferences when they are buying a car. Premium brand use the element of opening the door as a metaphor for access to the world of Audi and for the new independence of women. The film is a 75-second homage to the newly won freedom: The camera follows a young Arab couple, husband opens all the doors in the house for his wife as they make their way out of the house. However, she opens the passenger side door for him, before confidently taking the wheel while smiling to herself.

“With this film we welcome the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world of Audi. We are happy to be part of their future explorations and invite them to have lots of fun with our cars,” Jörg Dietzel, head of global creative and sales media, Audi AG, said.

“We are very proud to celebrate this historic moment together with our client Audi. Occasion-related communication is always very relevant, of course. Even better if the occasion is such as this,” Armin Jochum, board member thjnk Hamburg GmbH, added.