Top 10 Car Key Signal Blocker Security Cases

Why would one need Car Key Signal Blocker? In the past few years, the automobile industry has shifted for the most part to keyless technology. Most cars today operate on keyless technology. Although this has made the life of vehicle owners easier in terms of handing the car, it has its disadvantages. A key one being the increased rate of keyless car theft that has been happening in recent years. In fact, the situation is considered to be so bad that Police even termed it an ‘epidemic.’ A study conducted by vehicle tracking experts has determined that as much as 96% car owners are at the risk of having their vehicle stolen by keyless car thieves. Scientist has also reported that 82% of people who own Light Commercial Vehicles (LVCs) are also vulnerable to keyless car thefts. Research, proved that anyone could steal a car with gadgets that were worth as low as $22.

How do keyless car thefts work?
Two people work together and target cars that work on keyless technology. While one of them stands near the car, the one stands near the home of the car owner to enable device activation. The signal being transmitted is transferred by the thieves to a secondary box held near the car. Thus, the car picks up the signal like it would if the key was present and the doors get unlocked.

Using the Key Signal Blocker to avoid thefts:
Car thieves use relay boxes to pick up the signal from your key to steal the car. While the signal passes through most objects, it cannot pass through metal. Therefore, if your car keys are kept in a metal box, such as your microwave, the signal from your key will not be transmitted. However, storing your keys in your microwave is far from being a practical solution.

The best thing to protect your cars from theft is a signal blocker pouch. These can be purchased at low prices from Amazon. The pouch will block car-key fob signal and protect your vehicle from getting hacked. They are lightweight, easy to carry, flexible and difficult to penetrate through. A good signal blocking cases will be able to block key-fobs, WiFi, USBs and any small devices that may pick up wireless signals. With the increases rate of keyless car thefts, a key signal blocker is a smart and necessary investment.

Keyless entry and starting for your car is convenient and user-friendly, but it does leave you vulnerable to hi-tech thieves. These criminals use relay attack devices to ‘read’ the key from outside your house. With the code copied, they can simply drive off in your vehicle. Storing your key in a special bag, lined with layers of metallic material, is the way to foil them and keep your car safe. The key needs to be placed inside the bag from the moment you plip the locks. It can also be used for contactless credit cards to prevent hacking and fraud.

Upgraded Faraday Bag for Key Fob (2 Pack), TICONN Premium Faraday Cage Car Key Protector – RFID Signal Blocking, Anti-Theft Pouch, Anti-Hacking Case Blocker.

Get your car protected. TICONN faraday bag provides a complete signal blocker for your vehicle key fob. This prevents thieves from picking up and relaying signals from your key, to shield against break-ins and keyless ignition theft
TICONN faraday bag is constructed with premium PU Leather and two-layers of shielding materials packed in a gift box. It provides signal blocking functions as well as a luxurious fashionable appurtenance
The smaller/front pocket is anti-radiation, best for storing ID card, bank cards, etc. The larger/back pocket is for signal blocking, best for storing car key fobs
Secure closable flap with elastic accommodates multiple sizes of keychains and small devices. The integrated keychain hole provides more flexibility
We stand behind the quality of our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We provide 30-day money back and lifetime warranty. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for risk-free shopping.
Set of 2 x Large PU Leather RFID Signal Blocking pouch bag wallet case, Car Keyfob Keyless entry blocker, Antitheft protection device with multiple pockets, Mobile phone, GPS, Credit Cards.

A car is stolen every 2 minutes, thieves have more technology now which enables them to opening and controlling the car without any physical access to the key. They do this by using 'Signal Amplification' to gain unauthorised access to your vehicle. The good news is that using the Amplus brand security pouch you get a shield which 100% blocks any attempts to get access to your car keys.
Anti radiation, Anti Tracking, Anti spying,RFID Car Keyfob signal blocking, Anti bank card theft technology pouch. It protects electronic information transfer from bank cards, mobile phones signal, RFID signal from keyfob giving keyless entry thanks for the inner silver layer 100% blocking fabric.
Set of two different colours to identify between different keys/pouch contents. This pouch is large ( cm x cm), thin, made from PU leather material, tough & flexible. It comes with a keyholder at the back making it easier to attach to your bag or hang it on the keyholder. It can hold a large bunch of keys unlike some other products available which are not big enough to hold much. It consists of 2 inner pockets which are 100% protected.
It can hold anything and everything you need protecting including Mobile phones, smart watches, Garage remotes, Hotel or building access keycards, keyfobs, Bank Cards, thumbdrives or any other device with wireless signal technology.
Blocks calls, SMS, Wifi, 4G, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC. It blocks & then unblocks the phone signals within 10 seconds of taking in and out of the pouch. Safe for the drivers who get distracted easily while driving the car. Large enough to fit phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, Iphone X, Iphone 8 Plus & many more.
MONOJOY 2 X Car Key Signal Blocker Case, Keyless Entry Fob Guard Signal Blocking Pouch Bag, Antitheft Lock Devices, Healthy Cell Phone Privacy Protection Security WIFI/GSM/LTE/NFC/RF Blocke

DON’T LET THIEVES STEAL YOUR CAR - Thieves are now more sophisticated than ever, opening and operating your car without needing to break in. The good news is a Monojoy brand security pouch gives you the protection you need.
BLOCK CAR-KEY FOB SIGNAL - Protects your personal and financial data by blocking RFID scanners & readers from detecting your cards' RFID signals.
SLIM, LIGHT, TOUGH & FLEXIBLE - Inner silver layer blocks signals, outer on all sides with dual paired seam construction. Shields keyfobs, WiFi cards, thumbdrives, and other small devices from ALL wireless signals. EMI shielding & RFI shielding, used for forensics, military, executive travel, personal security, EMP protection, and solar flare protection.
UNIVERSAL FIT FOR BLOCKING ALL CARS SMARTKEY ENTRY FOB GUARD SIGNAL - Whatever your car brand is Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Skoda, VW, Mazda, Audi, Ford Fiesta, Fiat and Peugeot, are suitable for use this Signal Blocker bag. Fit for iPhone Samsung LG Nokia all of phone
AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE - The protector protects the plastic body of the fob from being scratched by the metal keys on the same key ring.
MENGSHEN CAR KEY SIGNAL BLOCKER CASEMengshen Key Fob Signal Blocking Bag Pouch, Faraday Bag Cage RFID Signal Blocking, Anti-hacking Car Key Protector for Wireless Car Keys, Keyless Entry - (Pack of 3), PX01

Prevent your electronic information from leakage. The pouch can protect the data information stored in the memory card and any electronic products with storage medium in it. Anti-static, reducing the disturbing influence on memory contents by the electromagnetic field, preventing loss of data. Put the bank card in the pouch to prevent it from degaussing.

The pouch has two pockets. When the cell phone is placed in the back silver pocket, all signals will be blocked. If the phone is placed in the front pocket, the radiation from the phone will be reduced. Swift response, reliable function, with the phone in the pouch for 30 seconds, all signals will be blocked.
Aolvo Car Key Signal Blocker Case Protable Keyless Entry Fob Guard Faraday Bag, Antitheft Lock Devices, Healthy Cell Phone Privacy Protection Security WIFI/GSM/LTE/NFC/RF Blocke(2 Pack)

The signal blocking key pouch can blocks Calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC; Discourage phone use while driving. No notifications, no distractions.
The car keyless entry fob case outer radiation protection, bring you health; Expanded size: 20cm; Close the bag size: about 14x10cm, enough to compatible all types car key.
Car key signal blocker case can 100% block fob signal, prevent some thieves amplifying your fob signal and open your car. Stop your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.
Insert some ID/Bank card or passport. It can stop the cards from demagnetization and bank information stealing.
The pouch surface is waterproof, when the pouch is dirty, just need a towel or tissue to wipe,in order not to damage its efficacy, please keep the interior dry and don't wash it.
Mopoin 2 X Car Key Fob Signal Blocker Case, Faraday Cage Bag,Entry Fob Guard Rfid Signal Blocking Pouch Bag,Antitheft Lock Devices,Car Key Protector WIFI/GSM/LTE/NFC/RF Blocker

100% Block Signal and Radiation Free, Mopion faraday bag consisting of unique nano-materials and two layers of specially-designed RF shielding material. Can effectively block car keys and cell phone signals, prevent radiation EMF damages and even avoid degaussing.
Shielding against identity theft,Protecting against GPS tracking and GEO location,Blocking connection of any phone on any network in any, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC,Protect your ID card and bank card from degaussing, Block car key FOB Signal , Keep your car's security system from getting hacked.
We have investigated the market and updated our sizes. You"ll never have to worry about the problem that your car key or phone won’t fit. Large size 9.8x4.7 inch can hold car keys and any cell phones not bigger than iPhone 7S plus,Medium size 7.8x3.9 inch holds car key and any cell phones that not bigger than iPhone 7S.
The inner layer for signal blocking, Suitable for storing car key, cell phone, etc.The outer layer for anti-radiation and anti-degaussing, Suitable for storing ID card, bank cards, etc.
2 x Mopoin Faraday Cages - Zero purchase risk, 90 days 100% satisfaction guarantee and our friendly service-24 hour's email customer service response
Follicomfy Camellia Pearl Flower Car Key Chain Bag Bowknot Car Smart Keyring Wallet and Auto Remote Key Fob,Rose Red Flower

Fashion camellia pearl flower and zipper design can be used to store car keys and household keys. Electroplating hardware will not fade or deform, easy to carry, high quality and durable. The keychain-size is enough to organize and protect your keys. You can simply hold it on hand or your pants or put it in a bag.
This Car key case wallet also fits for some coin or currency. Our metallic and leather car key holder is soft to the touch, the best gift to you and for your family
Eximone [2 PACK] RFID Signal Blocker Protective Case Cover Bag Pouch Privacy Protection Block Key Fob Signal Radiation for Car Key Smartphone Credit Card Bank Card

BLOCK FOB SIGNAL: for cars with the keyless-entry system, hackers can use an amplifier to intercept the fob signal emitted from the car key for theft without your knowledge. This product can effectively block the fob signal of the car key from unauthorised interception in order to prevent car theft.
BLOCK RFID SCANNER: protect the personal information of the RFID-enabled credit card / debit card / passport / driving license against unauthorised access from the RFID scanner used by hackers. The product can also prevent the credit cards or bank cards from degaussing.
TWO COMPARTMENT: signal blockage is most effective when you place the credit cards / car keys in the inner layer. The outer layer is for storing other items such as coins, paper, etc.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: made of high-quality leather, durable and safe to use.
DIMENSION: 13.5*9.5 cm
Follicomfy Car Key Holder Case Luxury Bling Crystal Diamond Keybag Cover 3D Handmade Keychain,White

High Quality Crystal Bling Diamond and Premium Pu leather,won't fall off with its solid and stabe design
Protect your key from scratch and suitable for most of Car Key Fob and Alarm
The smooth zipper around has a tough hook for easy and comfortable grip
A great smart remote key also perfect for your car interior accessories,make your car more colorful and active
Good texture of outer layer and exquisite neat stitching which are special gift for you
Car Key RFID Signal Blocker Case (2 Pack), Pawaca Keyless Entry Fob Guard Signal Blocker Pouch Bag, Anti-theft Lock Devices, Cell Phone Privacy Protector Security WIFI/GSM/LTE/NFC/RF Blocker

100% Block Fob Signal - Universal fits for all cars, can effectively stop thieves amplifying your fob signal and opening car and your keyless entry fobs from being remotely accessed.
Silver layer for fully blocking signals; and the black layer for organizing uses. You can put your car key in the silver layer to protect your car security system from attack.
Widely Use - Suitable for all devices. It can block calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, etc. No notifications & no distractions while driving.
If you don't want to answer the phone, you can put the phone is the silver pocket, it will disconnect the signal. Please kindly note that all signal blocker bag can Not be washed.
Our signal blocker bags are made of premium material with exquisite workmanship for ensuring durable use. Package includes 2 bags; one is a cellphone signal shielding bag, another one is car key signal shielding bag.